A December walk.

It’s a steep uphill climb and the trees have shed their autumn blaze of colour. A family of hares are grazing on the edges of the newly ploughed hilltop field, gazing down on the cold village below. Wary of my approach, ears flattened, bodys pressed into a temporay scrape in the long grass.As I approach they scud and jink away, long legs flying. The ploughed earth is shaded into browns, yellows and flinty white and the hares melts back into the winter landscape.

I have been in the valley now for three weeks, every day bringing a new walk. As autumn slides into winter there’s a new urgency and search for signs of hope.

The devil’s punchbowl in winter.

Returning to London for the winter solstice and New Year and a shared exhibition with Just Glass at the Espacio gallery in January 2020.

By ian


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