Love the insectoid animation with this music!

The devils punchbowl.

Walking high up on the ridgeway and overlooking oxfordshire and the remains of didcot power station. This walk near to the lambourn downs was undertaken after light snow in December of 2020. A dry chalk valley that will be buzzing with flowers & bees come the spring . But for now winter has its icy… Continue reading The devils punchbowl.

2020 was the year that.

My world was rocked by the death of my mother. This is the Judas tree she planted in her garden many years ago in full flower in May 2020 The impact on my artists practice of the global pandemic. How to continue to make new work in such bleak times? The many walks and explorations… Continue reading 2020 was the year that.

pot bellied oak

A muddy trip to Savernake forest in Wiltshire to search for veteran trees. This pot bellied oak is believed to be around 1100 years old . Once in the middle of a vast forest, its now on the verge of the A346 which is a fast and twisting road towards Burbage and Salisbury and cuts… Continue reading pot bellied oak

A look back- summer of 2019

Testing out the new “Glass Insectoids”, created for the outdoor sculpture exhibition at the garden at Avebury manor, Wiltshire. They are pictured here hanging from one of the older apple trees in the back garden at Albion Drive. Hackney was famous for it fruit orchards, glasshouses and market gardens back in the 19th Century.

Upcoming exhibition.

I am looking forward to taking part in this group show early next year in East London.

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A December walk.

It’s a steep uphill climb and the trees have shed their autumn blaze of colour. A family of hares are grazing on the edges of the newly ploughed hilltop field, gazing down on the cold village below. Wary of my approach, ears flattened, bodys pressed into a temporay scrape in the long grass.As I approach… Continue reading A December walk.